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iron angEL

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1942 - WC-56 Command Car  /  Dodge, 3/4 Ton Truck, 4x4, G-502

Iron Angel, the latest addition to the Fighting Iron line-up.  No earth shattering history, no wars won, no generals rode in it, just war surplus purchased in 1946 for $650.   Spent its time on Cuttyhunk Island, MA until we purchased it in 2002. 
But who knows, maybe Iron Angel's history is yet to be written.  You have parts, questions, answers, let's talk...

Restoration has begun DodgeWC56-P8230217.jpg (40729 bytes) DodgeWC56-P8230228.jpg (56930 bytes) New Pictures
DodgeWC56-P8230222.JPG (75871 bytes) DodgeWC56-P8230223.JPG (77561 bytes) DodgeWC56-P8230230.JPG (74936 bytes) DodgeWC56-P8230231.JPG (76693 bytes)
DodgeWC56-P8230229.JPG (76727 bytes) img_5367.jpg (55072 bytes) img_5374.jpg (75146 bytes) img_5371.jpg (61968 bytes)
Originally my brother planed to do the restoration... img_5378.jpg (93729 bytes) img_0299.jpg (105262 bytes) He said "yuck" and sold it back to me...
img_6182.jpg (104092 bytes) img_6158.jpg (55876 bytes) img_6035.jpg (108354 bytes) img_6026.jpg (50331 bytes)
img_5380.jpg (71125 bytes) img_5379.jpg (79715 bytes) img_6097.jpg (107952 bytes) img_0353.jpg (84174 bytes)

Seriously, I have started on her...


FI-WC56-Resto-8.JPG (104309 bytes)

Frame has been sandblasted and primed
...and to your immediate right... FI-WC56-Resto-6.JPG (100895 bytes) Sam is completing weld repairs to the
tailgate assembly
FI-WC56-Resto-7.JPG (93893 bytes)

Beautiful Job!
Living large on Cuttyhunk Island didn't do her any favors. FI-WC56-Resto-1.JPG (75752 bytes) Holes like Swiss cheese, but we'll get her mended up.. FI-WC56-Resto-2.JPG (87093 bytes)
img_5385.jpg (38839 bytes) Every restoration is about the numbers


That's my number...

img_6028.jpg (50269 bytes) Barely distinguishable are some letters & numbers...Any guesses?

Okay, I've been held up...but I've managed to get some more sheet metal done


FI_WC56_P114065401.JPG (110380 bytes) FI_WC56_P114065403.JPG (122950 bytes) Cut, Clamped, & Spot Welded FI_WC56_P114065410.JPG (115762 bytes)
Looking in on the driver's side FI_WC56_P114065411.JPG (106059 bytes) FI_WC56_P114065413.JPG (105347 bytes) Hot Gluing the metal back together!

Notice the clean white walls of the surgical suite...

We Don't Mess Around

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"Dedicated to one of the finest trucks of the '40-'45 era."

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