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1942 WC-53 Carry All  /  Dodge, 3/4 Ton Truck, 4x4, G-502

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Carry All restoration

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May 2017

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This thing was rough, and yes it was used as a tow truck.

It's the ultimate SUV...The Suburban Chevy should have made...

Pick up the kids, the groceries, and that repo on the way home honey!

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The frame was solid, but not sure if anything will return of the body from the sandblasters.
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FOFI_WC53_01557.jpg (80222 bytes) March 2016...

We Have Made Some Progress!

Good Thing for Friends, thanks to everyone for helping!
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In need of rust repair & restoration.  Body has typical rust on the floors & lower quarters.  Roof panel appears only to be tack welded in place so removal would be clean.  All window parts & interior trim are with it as pictured, but not installed.  Engine is a T-214 that still turns by hand.  Tranismission is missing side cover since truck had a winch and PTO was removed.  Windshield has rust on the bottom inside channel.  Header over sindshield is solid.  A-Pillars are more solid than most, B-Pillars are rusted at the floor line. 

Truck is not titled but I can get a title at additional cost.  I also have three of four original seats & springs at additional cost if you are building an original truck.  I have other original parts available too. 

Price is $7500   Call Brian with questions   508-776-4415




U.S. Coast Guard's

Dodge Carry All

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FS_WC53_Movie6.JPG (78564 bytes) FS_WC53_Movie3.JPG (57031 bytes) FS_WC53_Movie4.JPG (68449 bytes) SOLD!

1942 WC53 Carry All:  Used in the 2016 movie "THE FINEST HOURS".


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Contact Brian Cook @ 508-763-5332 / email



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