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1963 Ford - M151A1

Follow the restoration of this hard worked military veteran...New Pics 4-18-2014

M151Mutt_3072001001.JPG (105398 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001004.JPG (105555 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001002.JPG (87795 bytes)

In running condition, but far from show room condition...


M151Mutt_3072001037.JPG (61738 bytes) Not much back story on this vehicle, but a great resto project as everything in detail is on the vehicle M151Mutt_3072001033.JPG (117010 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001010.JPG (115096 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001011.JPG (127568 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001015.JPG (90280 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001035.JPG (112439 bytes) Once in Cook's Magic Cave, the tear down begins M151Mutt_3072001034.JPG (102159 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001018.JPG (111630 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001039.JPG (115373 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001044.JPG (94890 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001047.JPG (93097 bytes) The M151 utilized a monocoque design, which integrated the box frame rails into the sheet-steel body-structure...nope, not making that up... M151Mutt_3072001048.JPG (99637 bytes)
Let the Resto M151Mutt_3072001049.JPG (87709 bytes) BEGIN...
M151Mutt_3072001050.JPG (109498 bytes) And there it is...No matter how fancy the construction...

the metal termites have been hard at work again

M151Mutt_3072001051.JPG (102353 bytes)
  M151Mutt_3072001052.JPG (117016 bytes)  
M151Mutt_3072001053.JPG (85356 bytes) These next pictures detail the metal fabrication & welding that went into the rear body of the little MUTT. M151Mutt_3072001054.JPG (91474 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001055.JPG (102738 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001057.JPG (117414 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001058.JPG (78554 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001060.JPG (110257 bytes) Once the frame ends where stitched in, attention went into fabing the rear structural crossmember

A lot of time spent hammering, bending, cutting, grinding, get the picture...

M151Mutt_3072001061.JPG (102555 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001062.JPG (88738 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001065.JPG (94292 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001066.JPG (94760 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001067.JPG (86825 bytes) All in a days work...

the little MUTTs rear was cut and tucked and is now ready for paint.

M151Mutt_3072001106.JPG (103119 bytes)

...And more RUST...


M151Mutt_3072001069.JPG (105839 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001070.JPG (130800 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001072.JPG (143543 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001076.JPG (104767 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001079.JPG (135108 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001081.JPG (97717 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001084.JPG (115815 bytes) Floor Pans, Sides, & Fenders have been metal messaged back into shape M151Mutt_3072001108.JPG (124131 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001111.JPG (105610 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001109.JPG (109103 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001091.JPG (95069 bytes)

On to the suspension


M151Mutt_3072001119.JPG (107792 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001120.JPG (100816 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001128.JPG (72310 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001131.JPG (101206 bytes) This is what made going over fields at 40 mph like riding down the highway...

Just don't take a corner at 40

M151Mutt_3072001137.JPG (76909 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001152.JPG (103296 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001154.JPG (87571 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001155.JPG (101842 bytes)

Time for Accessories!
M151Mutt_3072001147.JPG (97506 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001162.JPG (100684 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001163.JPG (82027 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001164.JPG (89979 bytes) Almost IG Ready! M151Mutt_3072001165.JPG (90977 bytes)

And the Engine...


M151Mutt_3072001173.JPG (100971 bytes) Dirty but still functional... M151Mutt_3072001174.JPG (123239 bytes)
  M151Mutt_3072001187.JPG (114056 bytes)  
M151Mutt_3072001196.JPG (114915 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001198.JPG (95562 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001203.JPG (129719 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001171.JPG (115010 bytes) And the Fuel Guage
still indicates

M151Mutt_3072001172.JPG (103911 bytes)

This little MUTT is ready for Action...


M151Mutt_3072001214.JPG (95400 bytes) Attention to Orders M151Mutt_3072001212.JPG (92537 bytes)
M151Mutt_3072001207.JPG (95944 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001204.JPG (78149 bytes) M151Mutt_3072001208.JPG (98370 bytes)
The M151Mutt_3072001213.JPG (104758 bytes) End


Besides WIKI...Check here for info & history of the M151...and learn more about monocoque construction...


Resto Master

Contact Brian Cook @ 508-763-5332 / email


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