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1986 AM General - M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier W/W

This ride is done and just in time for Veterans Day!...11/04/13

Humvee_IMG_2601.jpg (91467 bytes) Humvee_IMG_2602.jpg (98740 bytes) Humvee_IMG_2603.jpg (103177 bytes)
Humvee_IMG_2605.jpg (89911 bytes) One Rejuvenated

MARINE Humvee...

Ready to go back on the Line
Humvee_IMG_2604.jpg (91731 bytes)

Follow along as this tired vet is torn down & rebuilt

Humvee_2449.JPG (71335 bytes) Humvee_2450.JPG (38888 bytes) Humvee_2452.JPG (34639 bytes)

This former Marine Corps HUMVEE is going through a complete transformation.

New engine, new frame, install of "turtleback" rear top, gun ring, radio equipment, winch...

The list reads like a government grocery list when they still had money to Spend!


Humvee_PB290281.JPG (47730 bytes) Humvee_PB290282.JPG (53919 bytes) Humvee_PB290283.JPG (59730 bytes)

Restoration is underway...


Humvee_2463.JPG (79772 bytes)

1, 2, 3, and off comes the top

Humvee_2468.JPG (79962 bytes)

The Humvee, in all its glory

Humvee_2473.JPG (70164 bytes)

Off to be blasted

Humvee_2465.JPG (62227 bytes)

Bit of rot, and is that beach sand in there?

Frame is getting retired...
Humvee_2466.JPG (180823 bytes)
Jeep vs Humvee... Humvee_2474.JPG (64386 bytes) 60 years of development & still only seats 4...

Now that's Gov't efficiency for you!

Humvee_2498.JPG (163905 bytes) Aluminum Body

Fresh from the Blaster's

Humvee_2497.JPG (154905 bytes)
Humvee_PC06031911.JPG (108313 bytes) The old frame wasn't worth repairing...

So we Upgraded!

To one lightly used
12,000 lb style frame

Humvee_PC06032022.JPG (104678 bytes)
Humvee_PC180376 (Large)55.JPG (87849 bytes) Tires & Wheels Humvee_PC180375 (Large)44.JPG (87483 bytes)
Humvee_2548.jpg (58512 bytes)
New Frame
Humvee_P3140433.JPG (95900 bytes)
Crate Engine
Humvee_P3150435.JPG (56910 bytes)
Rolling Chassis & Drivetrain


Humvee_P5100418 (Large).JPG (116790 bytes) The HUMVEE is Progressing

New Pics 5/17/13
Humvee_P5090416 (Large).JPG (85733 bytes)
Humvee_P3220445 (Large).JPG (57646 bytes) Humvee_P5030498 (Large).JPG (47631 bytes) Humvee_P5030502 (Large).JPG (81741 bytes)
Humvee_P4260483 (Large).JPG (69262 bytes) Drivetrain is back in with new transmission & transfer case along with a 12 inch brake upgrade

No detail to small!
Humvee_P4260485 (Large).JPG (57690 bytes)
Humvee_P4100454 (Large).JPG (69753 bytes) Tie downs / lift rings
tow bar pins
Humvee_P4110457 (Large).JPG (62284 bytes)
Humvee_P4220479 (Large).JPG (44040 bytes) Beds had a hard ride, but with some magic aluminum rod its back to whole Humvee_P4220480 (Large).JPG (56262 bytes)
Humvee_P4180465 (Large).JPG (82782 bytes) More aluminum welding Humvee_P4190470 (Large).JPG (56453 bytes)
Humvee_P4170461 (Large).JPG (42070 bytes) What do you mean I filled the wrong holes...This stuff is great! Humvee_P4180467 (Large).JPG (53893 bytes)
Humvee_P4220475 (Large).JPG (57236 bytes)
Road Rash?
Humvee_P4220476 (Large).JPG (50525 bytes)
Some traditional body work...
Humvee_P4220478 (Large).JPG (56800 bytes)
...and it's ready for paint!
Humvee_P4290492 (Large).JPG (67569 bytes) Why can't every body be this easy? Humvee_P4270488 (Large).JPG (59466 bytes)
Humvee_P5040506 (Large).JPG (109757 bytes) Humvee_P5040508 (Large).JPG (50822 bytes) Humvee_P5040509 (Large).JPG (58913 bytes)
Humvee_P5060411 (Large).JPG (63054 bytes)
Starting to take shape
Humvee_P5060412 (Large).JPG (53966 bytes)
Gun ring & fast back installed
Humvee_P5100420 (Large).JPG (79846 bytes)
New top & doors


Humvee_P5170425.JPG (56525 bytes) Almost ready for CAMO

New Pics 9/20/13
Humvee_P5170428.JPG (59114 bytes)
Humvee_P5230431.JPG (60293 bytes) Humvee_P5240439.JPG (54944 bytes) Humvee_P5250441.JPG (57116 bytes)
Fast Back Top Roof Cut Out for Gun Ring Gun Ring inserted
Humvee_P5300443.JPG (49692 bytes) Humvee_P5300444.JPG (63618 bytes) Humvee_P5300442.JPG (53470 bytes)
Gun Ring, Mount, & Hatch Cover
Original gauge cluster...


Humvee_P7220477.JPG (68317 bytes) Low miles, one owner, light tactical use...
Humvee_P7240497.JPG (54156 bytes) Humvee_P8070497.JPG (76361 bytes) Humvee_P8070499.JPG (80858 bytes)
Humvee_P8070514.JPG (107352 bytes) Humvee_P8070501.JPG (109806 bytes) Humvee_P8070506.JPG (74521 bytes)
Long way from the tired machine that was pushed into the shop last winter...
Humvee_P8070509.JPG (85025 bytes) Humvee_P8070512.JPG (100503 bytes) Humvee_P8070510.JPG (107010 bytes)
Humvee_P9030548.JPG (97136 bytes) She's almost ready to go back home! Humvee_P8220533.JPG (78596 bytes)
Few last details Humvee_P9030549.JPG (107309 bytes) And this mint machine is...

Ready to Roll

Humvee_IMG_2601.jpg (91467 bytes) It really is

all about the paint job &

the accessories...
Humvee_IMG_2603.jpg (103177 bytes)


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Resto Master

Contact Brian Cook @ 508-763-5332 / email


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