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1942 GMC DUKW - 353 / 6x6 Amphibious Truck,  G-501

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Fighting Iron's PEC Services Group is taking on the complete restoration & return to passenger excursion service of one well used W.W.II era DUKW.

Owned and operated by Cape Cod Duckmobile Land & Sea Tours located in Hyannis, MA this vehicle has been out of service, lounging on its port side, awaiting restoration for about five years.

Follow us as we work our way through putting this unique & historic vehicle back into service

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February 2016

FOFI_CCDM-2_03.JPG (124027 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_27.JPG (125292 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_05.JPG (103614 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_28.JPG (115851 bytes) Where to Start?....

Right here looks like a good place!
FOFI_CCDM-2_29.JPG (121902 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_33.JPG (117347 bytes)

Looking down on the starboard bow (the right side). 

Note new metal on the rear float wells.
FOFI_CCDM-2_18.JPG (95481 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_42.JPG (122465 bytes)

My minions love to grind!
FOFI_CCDM-2_51.JPG (113812 bytes) Left pic...
Welding up plates in the propulsion tunnel

Right pic...
Prepping the port belly plate, starboard belly plate is tacked in place

FOFI_CCDM-2_44.JPG (132167 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_55.JPG (95595 bytes) John, hard at work...Cutting out the starboard front wheel it on the first try! FOFI_CCDM-2_64.JPG (108680 bytes)
Looking into the interior...

Note the green truck frame from the "donor" CCKW 6x6 truck GMC used to construct the DUKW around.


FOFI_CCDM-2_70.JPG (111685 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_68.JPG (102597 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_65.JPG (120535 bytes) John & Stan fitting-up new sheet metal for the starboard wheel well FOFI_CCDM-2_98.JPG (101652 bytes)

Update from the Duck Nest...March 2016


FOFI_CCDM-2_107.JPG (181506 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_109.JPG (243654 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_121.JPG (189060 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_125.JPG (151145 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_124.JPG (140059 bytes)

These pictures show the thru hulls for the front & rear wheel drive shafts.  In between will sit the transfer case.
FOFI_CCDM-2_127.JPG (194021 bytes)

FOFI_CCDM-2_134.JPG (172784 bytes)

Looking into the DUKW's interior, bow bottom plate still left to cut out & replace

FOFI_CCDM-2_140.JPG (215282 bytes) Next sequence, Jake will be customizing the front fender well...

Needs the slant to accommodate the engine & exhaust pipes.

FOFI_CCDM-2_141.JPG (192851 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_142.JPG (191366 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_143.JPG (193643 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_150.JPG (131280 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_139.JPG (195211 bytes) Jake & the Old Man burning wire...

Nice Welding Beanies

Thank You All American Hats

FOFI_CCDM-2_146.JPG (170174 bytes)

DUKW in the holding pattern...

FOFI_CCDM-2_155.JPG (189105 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_156.JPG (157707 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_159.JPG (181650 bytes)

In the above photo's Stan is cutting the hole in the new differential pan for the driveshaft to engage the front axle, exciting, no, but still essential.  It looks easy but this was a major PIA to fitted in.  Nice work Stan.

FOFI_CCDM-2_179.JPG (121203 bytes)

It's a Lonely Job, hey were is everyone?

FOFI_CCDM-2_182.JPG (168042 bytes)

It is Flipping Day!  Big thanks to Capeway Towing for making this go smooth!

FOFI_CCDM-2_183.JPG (117757 bytes)   FOFI_CCDM-2_185.JPG (132317 bytes)

FOFI_CCDM-2_193.JPG (152057 bytes)

Ready to start replacing the sides.  The hat channel along the sides caused many deterioration problems.  This is all being replaced with structural steel angle which will make maintenance & cleaning much easier. 

Big thanks to Gilbert & Associates Naval Architect Jerry Gilligan for helping calculate the modifications.
FOFI_CCDM-2_196.JPG (143079 bytes) And off comes the sides! FOFI_CCDM-2_205.JPG (118452 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_230.JPG (261962 bytes) And let the Burning Begin Again... FOFI_CCDM-2_233.JPG (311530 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_235.JPG (404331 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_239.JPG (426908 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_244.JPG (317786 bytes)

Above & Below show the process for putting the steel sheets into place; 
Measure & layout the pattern, cut to size & shape with big disk cutting wheel, grind off the mill slag, & use the Turbo Forklift to hold it in place...Easy!

FOFI_CCDM-2_246.JPG (231919 bytes) Then after the sides are on, then comes the stiffeners...

In case any welders out there are wondering...we are on our 11th spool of wire by now!
FOFI_CCDM-2_250.JPG (246210 bytes)
Welcome FOFI_CCDM-2_249.JPG (266029 bytes) Aboard!
FOFI_CCDM-2_252.JPG (294323 bytes) And more burning! FOFI_CCDM-2_259.JPG (329480 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_260.JPG (358088 bytes) Then one day it is already to head off to the sand pit for blasting! FOFI_CCDM-2_266.JPG (409057 bytes)

Still more fitting out to do, but now with the added bonus of having to grind thru an epoxy coat! 
It does look good. 

In the pictures below, the frame is suspended above the hull waiting to be slipped into place & fastened.

FOFI_CCDM-2_267.JPG (222829 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_268.JPG (162017 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_272.JPG (274532 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_269.JPG (185505 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_274.JPG (340281 bytes) The frame is in & the cockpit is starting to be built. FOFI_CCDM-2_279.JPG (310317 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_280.JPG (328640 bytes) Ahoy, I'm riding in a DUKW. FOFI_CCDM-2_281.JPG (376477 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_285.JPG (290838 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_289.JPG (262166 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_288.JPG (330492 bytes)
FOFI_CCDM-2_291.JPG (306066 bytes) Engine is in & ready to be wired up. FOFI_CCDM-2_294.JPG (325503 bytes)

FOFI_CCDM-2_295.JPG (118831 bytes)

And then one day it happened, she took to the water & floated!


FOFI_CCDM-2_297.JPG (149765 bytes) Floating even & trim...

After 75 years, she proved her cargo transport lineage yet again with over 6000 pounds of water on board for her stability test.

FOFI_CCDM-2_296.JPG (155736 bytes)
Drum roll please..... FOFI_CCDM-2_298.JPG (117827 bytes) All hands, this is the Captain,

Make preparations to come ashore

Front drive wheels engaged

All ahead flank speed....

FOFI_CCDM-2_300.JPG (169530 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_301.JPG (159398 bytes) FOFI_CCDM-2_302.JPG (131050 bytes)

Congratulations to everyone involved.  20 plus miles of weld wire, cases of grinding wheels, grit, & determination by a dedicated crew put this vehicle back together.  Thanks again everyone!


Don't Worry Kids, FOFI_CCDM-2_JakeChelsea2006.PNG (465676 bytes) The ride is just starting!


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