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Command caddy


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Funny how things happen...

The Deep Woods of Freedom Loving America, 01-09-2006 @ 0900 hrs: Our area of late has experienced a rash of house breaks.   Apparently our local crack heads were out enjoying the unusually warm weather and just happened to brake into three houses this morning and steal two cars.  The day was shaping up quite nicely for Thing 1 & Thing 2!  Then along came a local police cruiser.  Being the police & being that all policemen are curious they spotted the dynamic duo's car and turned around to investigate.  The suspects apparently were not paying attention when they turned into yet another unsuspecting red voting American's yard to loot & pillage.  The Clown patrol were in the process of breaking into this house when the cruiser interrupted them.  One suspect was taken into custody on the spot and the other ran for it (THEY always want to run).

Ever been involved in a man hunt? Then you have never had an adrenaline rush before! YAHOO, the chase was on.  All the surrounding towns responded, and even the State Police entered the fray by providing several cruisers and helicopter. The area in question is woods and swamp so the suspect had that going for him.  Police cruisers don't drive well under those conditions and besides...THEY always get tired of running!!. 

By 1530 hrs. (3:30pm) the perimeter had been expanded by miles in circumference.   Enter the COMMAND CADDY.  

Mr. Dee had been in another town following up on a break-in from earlier in the day and was piloting the COMMAND CADDY towards home.   You see, Mr. Dee doesn't own the COMMAND CADDY.  That would be like an Air Force jet jockey saying he owns his F-15.  On the contrary, that pilot's Uncle owns the F-15.  So you see, the COMMAND CADDY well it may have started out on the GM production line, but after that... well let's just say its real on the outside and real expensive on the inside and the entity that owns it...he has really deep pockets.   Back to the story...   Mr. Dee pierced through the law enforcement perimeter and minutes late was flagged down by our suspect, Thing 2. (The COMMAND CADDY has seductive powers like this, we think it's the paint).   Apparently thinking it was maybe a fellow crack head Thing 2 emerged like a scared deer from the wood line.   Mr. Dee obliged by pulling over and Thing 2 ran up to the car panting like a dog chased doe, opened the door and proceeded to get in.  It was then our crack headed Thing 2 felt the ominous pressure of Mr. Dee's brand new Glock 45's (only been fired once) barrel against the side of his head. Thing 2 exited the car post haste but was apprehended within seconds (THEY love to run).

The COMMAND CADDY now sports a criminal type "tally" decal for one in the books.   And people don’t think we have a sense of humor. Silly crooks. That’s it for now.