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Fighting Iron  &  Iron Man

Iron Man is finished, scroll down to see a photo history of the project IronMan-P8220278.jpg (317798 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P3300231.jpg (267781 bytes) Ready to roar in 04!  It looks rough, but it is all original! HopkintonTrack-P3300232.jpg (97239 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P3300234.jpg (269801 bytes) Good thing the barn has two bays, Hammered Metal is going to sleep with the dogs! HopkintonTrack-P3300237.jpg (245407 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P4040248.jpg (67896 bytes) No, it isn't trick photography.   HopkintonTrack-P4040247.jpg (259034 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P4040250.jpg (253929 bytes) There really is two, and when   Iron Man is done it'll rip! HopkintonTrack-P4040246.jpg (247143 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P4070274.jpg (258606 bytes) Note the command's staff caddy in the background, yes it is OD Green. HopkintonTrack-P4070275.jpg (67582 bytes) And so the obsession begins!
Starting to go back together! HopkintonTrack-P4180281.jpg (68021 bytes) Chrome won't get you home. HopkintonTrack-P4180282.jpg (47070 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P5070307.jpg (279248 bytes) "Iron Man" Coming back to life. HopkintonTrack-P5070308.jpg (241823 bytes) The Paint Master, Brian Cook, busy on another signature quality piece.
HopkintonTrack-P5070309.jpg (134632 bytes) The outside & inside of the box  was blasted, primed,
and the first coat of O.D. applied
HopkintonTrack-P5190312.jpg (161913 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P5190313.jpg (146817 bytes) Mine racks fabricated and fitted HopkintonTrack-P6050014.jpg (84700 bytes)
HopkintonTrack-P6050015.jpg (51372 bytes) Gun pulpit being fitted into place HopkintonTrack-P6050016.jpg (79154 bytes)
IronMan-P7310201.jpg (202743 bytes) Roll out day for Iron Man IronMan-P7310207.jpg (312785 bytes)
Ditch roller and insignias in place "HQ 5" IronMan-P7310213.jpg (320168 bytes) Ready for the final fitting IronMan-P7310216.jpg (293773 bytes)
IronMan-P8220280.jpg (543041 bytes) Gun Pulpit installed IronMan-P8220279.jpg (309478 bytes)  

Ready for the Trip Home!

Come and Visit


This Halftrack started his career as an artillery track in W.W.II, presumably seeing action in France, Germany, or both.   A  “T-19” originally, sporting a 105mm lead thrower for sending warm hello’s to the enemy, it was converted to an M3.  This accounts for the 1 inch steel plate that lines the frame around the driver’s compartment to absorb the impact of the cannon going off.  The vehicle was given to the French sometime after the war and they converted it to the M3 personnel carrier configuration. 

The original manufacture frame number is T-19  0230….. Right behind this number is the conversion number * M-3   230 *.  Not certain if the French added this number.   The armor on the rear is original.  New to the track is the window frame, windshield armor, and the perimeter rail from the rear of the doors forward.  The perimeter rail is cracked and broken apart where the new piece was joined to the front and it was never connected to the windshield piece.  This Halftrack has the early style idler spring setup and M2 headlights on the fenders.  Probably a transition vehicle as Fighting Iron is the last style utilizing double loaded idler springs.

As the story goes, this vehicle was re-imported back to this country during the early nineties with four other half-tracks. The person who bought the five chose the one he wanted, and the current owner of this track picked up the other four.  He chose this one and parted out the other three.  Not sure if it is a "White".  White produced half-tracks used locknuts throughout.   Diamond T, Autocar, and I.H. all used hex nuts with lock washers, and from what we had understood all had "White" engines.   However, thanks to our many fans we now know that all International built Half-tracks had the Red Diamond 450B inline 6.  This vehicle has mostly hex nuts and lock washers.   Being it was transformed to its current state the only part that would have "White" stamped on it is the interior axle on the bogies, and we are not taking that apart.  There may be a manufacture stamp on the inside of the bumper but that is usually the first thing to weather away.

From T-19 to M3 to M3A1, Iron Man is back in fighting shape and ready to roll.

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